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The Wheel of Fortune: Finding Purpose, Balance, and Command Through Tarot’s Eternal Wisdom

The Wheel of Fortune: Finding Purpose, Balance, and Command Through Tarot’s Eternal Wisdom

As a Tarot Master, I often tell my students and those I read for that to hold the tarot in one’s hands is akin to embracing the cosmos itself. The profundity of life’s mysteries—past, present, or future—can be divined within the 78 cards of the tarot deck. It is a soothing realization, filled with meaning and understanding.

Allow me to share some universal truths that the sacred practice of Tarot has revealed to me, insights that have aided me in my quest to overcome anxiety.

The Cycles of Existence

The Tarot’s wisdom transcends space and time, touching upon the everlasting cycles of existence. We come into being, live our lives, and pass away, and in this grand loop, we find countless mini-loops that form the intricate patterns of our lives.

The Wheel of Fortune, a card resonating with the movement of life itself, has been a guiding light for me. Understanding that life is a continuous wheel allows a sense of release. If life is a cycle, if everything is random, why not relish the journey? Embrace it, for another turning is just ahead.

The Relativity of Good and Bad

As a Tarot Master, one question often posed to me is, “Is that bad?” The answer lies in the wisdom of the tarot itself. There is neither good nor bad, only states of being. Life presents both peaks and valleys, each with its value.

The Death card, for instance, reveals the necessity of letting go of the old to welcome the new. Although this process can be filled with anguish, it is from this very agony that something beautiful and profound may emerge.

The Never-Ending Journey

Life is an unceasing journey. During my initial experiences with the tarot, I was astonished to see my existence reflected in the spread, replete with victories and challenges. The realization dawned that life will never be perfect, and every triumph leads to new trials.

The World card reminds us that the highs and lows are vital. Rather than longing for a distant future, I now find joy in the present, understanding that both the good and bad are intertwined in our existence.

Mastery Over Self

Anxiety may be a powerful force, but the Strength card taught me that mastery over oneself is possible. This card, with its majestic lion, signifies the mastery over our primal, often terrifying instincts.

Through the teachings of tarot, I learned to manage anxiety, recognizing it as a flimsy and irrational force. I tend to it, understanding its true nature, rather than being defeated by it.


The Tarot, with its rich symbolism and profound wisdom, has illuminated paths for countless souls seeking guidance. For me, it has been a beacon, leading me through the maze of existence, enabling me to comprehend the cycles, relativity, the endless journey, and mastery over myself.

May the tarot’s eternal wisdom guide you too, as you traverse your unique path.