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Are Tarot Cards Black Magic?

Are Tarot Cards Black Magic?

In the enigmatic world of tarot, where the future is a canvas painted with symbolic imagery, a question often arises: Are tarot cards black magic? Allow me, a tarot master with years of experience, to guide you through this complex subject.

Tarot: A Journey Through Time

Tarot cards have navigated through the turbulent waters of history, finding their place in gaming, fortune-telling, and spiritual exploration. But their path has not been entirely straightforward.

Some perceive tarot as dark magic, grounding their beliefs in sacred texts like Ecclesiastes 7:14, which underscores the uncertainty of knowing one’s future. This perspective, though traditional, is not without merit.

Others employ tarot cards as tools for personal growth, decision-making, or even magical practices, both benevolent and otherwise. Tarot’s magic is as diverse as its practitioners, weaving through different beliefs and purposes.

The Art of Tarot Reading

In a tarot reading, the querent (the one seeking guidance) engages with the cards by shuffling, cutting, or interacting with them, focusing on their inquiry. The cards are then laid out in a pattern known as a spread.

I, as the tarot reader, interpret the meanings and positions of the turned cards, connecting the symbols with the querent’s life. It’s a dance between intuition, knowledge, and the unique energy of the moment.

Where Lies the Magic?

Is this magic? For some, tarot reading ends here, a reflection of the subconscious mind or a psychological tool. For others, the world of tarot is indeed magical, infused with rituals, divine guidance, and the conscious intention to shape one’s destiny.

If you choose to embark on the magical path of tarot, you may find that even the simple act of conversing with or cleansing your cards holds mystical significance. Tarot can become a sacred instrument for crafting a meaningful existence.


Are tarot cards black magic? The answer is neither black nor white but a shade as intricate as life itself. Tarot is a multifaceted mirror reflecting various aspects of humanity, spirituality, and existence.

In my years as a tarot master, I have seen how the cards can be a gateway to self-understanding, spiritual connection, or even magical practice. What they become depends on the hands that hold them, the eyes that perceive them, and the hearts that seek their wisdom.